Our Core Values

Pacific Capital Projects Limited (PCP) is an Africa-focused investment advisory firm. Our mission is to help long-term orientated investors identify trade and investment opportunities in Africa.

Belief in Africa

Africa is the second fastest growing continent in the world. Private investment flows into Africa are yet to catch up with this reality. To quote Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a globally renowned Nigerian economist: “Profit lies where the gap between perception and reality is the greatest. That surely applies to Africa.”  The growth potential in Africa has not been fully appreciated by the rest of the world. Our team of directors –with strong roots in Africa – has broad international experience and is very cognizant of this fact.


Research based facts, rather than emotions, drive our analysis and recommendations.


We are focused on investment opportunities in Africa; regions that we are experienced in and which we have a competitive edge. Our directors have invested in and have been directly involved in this market over a combined period of over 40 years.


We employ a multi-stage process supported by our proprietary systems to meticulous gather and analyze data.

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